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Lessen Investment Danger By Investing In Hedge Funds


The hedge fund manager is described as the general partner and investors are known as limited partners. The part of the limited partners will be the investment of top hedge funds in Canada and of the general partner is managing them. The investors are provided a hedge prospectus which provides information regarding key aspects of the fund, such as the fund's investment strategy, investment type, and leverage limit.

As the name implies, hedge funds Canada function in a manner to 'hedge' or avoid threats. Thus, we see that the target of Hedge funds is profit maximization along with risk minimization. They are intended to build profits regardless of the changes on the marketplace. Shorting implies earning money when the stock falls.

An investment manager manages the Canadian hedge funds via a business that's distinct from the hedge fund and its portfolio of resources. The investment manager utilizes the aid of the following Companies:

Prime agents

They help in clearing the trade, supply traction and short-term lending.


They provide professional services of operations, accounting, and valuation.


They ostensibly deal with supply of securities. A distributor can be an underwriter, broker or dealer.

Investment plans adopted can be categorized as:

• Discretionary/Qualitative: These are strategies selected by the general partner or fund manager.

• Systematic/Quantitative: These are plans suggested by a computerized system.

Characteristics of Hedge Funds:

• Available only to accredited investors

Investors have to have a certain net worth before investing in Hedge funds.

• Variety of Investment Options

It can be invested in many areas such as land, real estate, stocks, derivatives, currencies, etc..

• Use leverage

Borrowed money is often utilized to enhance yields.

• Fee

They charge a management fee and performance fee.

The most important advantage of investing in Hedge funds is that the danger is lower than other kinds of investments. They are sometimes regarded as uncorrelated with market indices. However, the fact remains that they have been more likely to some amount of danger. Hence, it's a good approach to be aware of all the possible risks before investing. It's also critical to pick a fund manager who's experienced within the area.

Unlike mutual funds, hedge funds would not have to disclose their activities to third parties. Investors in hedge funds nevertheless are entitled to some higher level of disclosure on risks supposed and places accepted, and the investor often has got direct access to the fund manager. A by product of this solitude is that there are no official investment fund statistics.

Hedge funds are often targets of criticism.

Their secrecy and lack of law have led to all forms of allegations of deceptive trades. The magnitude of the assets stored in these funds has also led to allegations that these funds have negatively impacted bond economies on various occasions. Canada authorities have tried to impose restrictions on these funds but there attempts are thwarted by the courts and the intricacies of the funds and their offshore locations have created a regulatory nightmare for the SEC.