Offshore Business: Why Our Team Required One


Mauritius offshore business based since 1994, is licensed and regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission to offer, inter- alia, incorporation and administration services to Global small business entities in Mauritius.

As its beginning, ANEX is constructing its reputation through a varied clientele, which includes High Net-Worth Individuals, private companies, in addition to listed organizations.

offshore management company provides effective and tailor made solutions to your customers to structure their international business through Mauritius to enjoy the tax benefits provided through our array of international small business corporations.

Overview of Group :

Anex specialises in giving the broad variety of advisory, fiduciary and financial service global.

The Mauritius financial services prides itself on providing first class solutions to many clients by forming their international affairs and using low-risk tax jurisdictions like a base for their own transactions. Anex serves a hierarchical global and local clientele through a range of professional expertise in creating of international small business entities, trusts, corporate secretaria, administration, tax, accounting, corporate advisory and re-location services. These services are performed by our specialised divisions ensuring a high standard of professionalism at all times.

Our specialised dedicated divisions comprise:

• Anex Management Services Limited

• Anex Consultancy Services Limited

• Anex (Trustee) Ltd

• Stanhope Corporate and Management Services Ltd

• Anex Management (Seychelles) Ltd

• Anex Private Client Services Ltd

Each particular division is licensed, regulated and enrolled with the respective government in the authority they operate.